Oerol Let me Read you / The Covers

Welcome! Benvenuti! HERE the covers of the HUMAN LIBRARY / Oerol 2015. Browse the covers of the volumes contained in our small collection (the Titles are original artworks of the Authors). Enjoy, follow the blog for updates and wait until late summer… the entires volumes will be published soon! Non si giudica un libro dallaContinua a leggere “Oerol Let me Read you / The Covers”


Artistic residency in Terschelling (ND) for a site specific investigation with La Lettrice vis-à-vis 12-19 june 2015 TALK TO ME Let’s build together the human library of Oerol Festival 2015 Answer one at a time my curious questions I am a reader, of books and people We have the intention that I will come backContinua a leggere “Oerol: LET ME READ YOU!”